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Hey, overwhelmed boss lady! I see you.

Right now you're doing "all the things" in your business hoping something will help you explode your growth.

You’re jumping from one business strategy to the next hoping it’s finally your magic bullet to scaling your current success.

But nothing is panning out the way you want it to.

Maybe you feel like you are sooooo close to your next level but it has not happened yet and you are running out of gas.

The truth is…

Growing your business can be hard, trying to find the perfect balance between scaling your business without loosing your sanity can be a challenge. However, what is the point of building a business that controls your life when it should be the other way around. Your business should fit into your lifestyle. 


Most business owners have never actually been shown how to build their business in a way that automatically grows and recharges itself (It’s not your fault!)

The experts would have you believe that it takes complicated strategies to reach your revenue goals (Psst! It doesn’t!)

You don’t have to be chained to your desk to scale successfully (Yes! Less screen time!)

The Good News...

All you need is a simple growth plan

It doesn't have to be complicated, you just need to be shown the way. 
What Other People Are Saying About Working With Kara

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...

Hear From Other Business Owners Who Have Worked With Kara And Changed Their Business And Life For The Better
Amy Nielson
Mommy & Me
Amy grew her low ticket business to seven figures in under 1 year!

“Before working with Kara I was overwhelmed, exhausted, falling out of love with my business and couldn’t imagine growing it anymore.  But now that has completely turned around!... 

My low ticket business sky-rocketed to seven figures in under a year, I’m able to reach more people than I ever was able to alone AND I’ve cut my work week by 50% getting to spend more time with my family. Now I feel like I’m running my business instead of it running me!”
Stu McLaren
Stu has generated over $100,000 from ads since working with Kara

“If there’s one thing you need to know about working with Kara, it’s that she has an amazing track record of getting results.

I needed someone I could trust to help take my brand to the next level, connect with my audience, and as a result, generate sales. Kara was able to help me do that and consistently generate over $100,000 from her creative ad strategies. If you want results, look no further, Kara is your person!”
Amanda Quinn
Co-Founder of Fit Chicks Academy
Amanda's business has finally come un-stuck since working with Kara

“Kara is one of the most amazing people that we have ever worked with from a perspective of marketing strategies and even just having her as a part of our business has been so integral to our growth. 

So right now, if you were thinking about how can you get out of this rut? How can you get unstuck from where you are today? You need to stop looking and just work with Kara immediately. You will definitely thank yourself."
Ashley Buffa
Smart Kids Chore System
Ashley was blown away by the amount of success she had in 
just one week!

“I used to always feel intimidated when it came to online marketing. I’ve dabbled in it but never had any success - until I met Kara.

Kara took all of the guesswork and headaches out of marketing, made it simple, and I was completely blown away with the results I had in just one week! If you need someone to help banish the overwhelm, working with Kara will be the best decision you’ve ever made."
If you ever get the chance to work with Kara, do it!
She is one of those great creative minds that just naturally thinks outside the box. She tinkers and experiments with offers and funnels in ways most would say "Oh that's not possible!" and then she proves you wrong. She's got an incredible expertise on ads, plus she is unafraid to try anything new, no matter how unconventional. I've seen her make thousands and thousands of dollars for clients with this adventurous approach to marketing!"

- Julie Stoian
Funnel Gorgeous

Hi, I'm Kara...

I am a digital marketing expert and coach who’s been featured on CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS & USA Today who has helped best-selling authors, bloggers, coaches, digital course creators, influencers, (and more) reach their true potential. 

I am passionate about helping business owners break through their limits and blow up their business while working less and living their dream lifestyle.

Having failed hard on my journey toward success, I have learned tough lessons along the way but I never gave up.

Over the years, I have started businesses, coached businesses, and even been an executive of a multi-million dollar ads agency.

One of my greatest accomplishments was creating my first multi-million dollar business in my twenties.

I am a mom of two sport-crazy teenagers, wife to an amazing husband of over 20 years, obsessed with trying new things, and living outside of the box.

What People Say About  My Trainings

More Success Stories From Our Clients

More Successful Client Results

Lisa went from frazzled to focused

Erin had her biggest revenue month EVER

Apply for a business breakthrough session below.

#truthbomb, I am NOT like most coaches and I truly want to see if I can help you breakthrough to the next level & if I truly believe I can help you get there I may invite you to work with me but only if it feels right. You are under no obligation to do so. I DO NOT believe in high pressure sales gimmicks. 

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